Singapore values our multi-racial and multi-religious harmony. At the 2009 National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong raised a concern regarding the maintenance of religious harmony in Singapore.

He pointed out that the aggressive pushing of one’s religion onto others can prove detrimental to our society. Prime Minister Lee highlighted the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony through tolerance and restraint, as well as preserving the common space that all Singaporeans share.

The objective of this book is to support Buddhists who are facing proselytism in their workplace, school or even at home, so that they can maintain their stand with compassion and wisdom.

In the spirit of mutual respect, we, a group of Buddhists from the counselling, human resource, social work and teaching professions, have developed this material to share with fellow Buddhists. We have no desire or intent to cause any discomfort. We wish to state that the viewpoints in this material are solely our own.

Buddhists, who are just like everyone else, want happiness and do not want suffering. In Singapore, we are able to live well and practise our religions. Towards this end, may Singapore and Singaporeans continue to be safe, prosperous and enjoy a compassionate environment for one and all.

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