Conversations on Conversion – Saying “No” Respectfully At Home

Scene 1: Your family members or relatives try to persuade you to take up their religion.

The proselytiser says: As a family, it is important that we share the same religion and beliefs. Do come and join in my religious activities.

Take 1

You say: I understand that you care about me. Don’t worry. In my religion I am taught to do good. I am not harming myself or others.

Take 2

You say: I have a different view. As a family, I think each of us can have different religion and belief. Being respectful of each other’s religion is important too.

Take 3

You say: Although we don’t share the same religion and belief, why don’t we join each other’s religious activities to increase mutual understanding and support?

Scene 2: A relative invited you to what he thought was a Buddhist ceremony. When you attend the event, you discover that it is organised by some “Buddhist” cult.

The proselytiser says: Please chant this mantra with us.

You say: I am not comfortable with this. Please go ahead without me, thank you. I will take my leave now.

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